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Whilst we welcome your comments, we should point out that we do not have a research staff that can assist with enquiries.

We are often inundated with requests for information for school projects, previous news articles, people looking for jobs, others trying to track down people they have lost contact with, or readers simply curious about people or happenings in our area.

Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to answer these queries, let alone carry out research to satisfy them.

We can only suggest readers try and track down information they are seeking through the major search engines.

Should you wish to submit a news release, you may do using this page. Please be aware that this is the only way that a news release may be submitted to us.

We also emphasise that we are an online newspaper so we do not have the usual subscriptions or provide classified ads.

We are also focusing our efforts at this time on building our readership, and to assist this we are avoiding cluttering up our site with ads generally.

For those readers looking for subscriptions you may want to try our daily email delivery of headlines. The service is complimentary and can be accessed on our site's front page.

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